EMS Today 2007 Blogmeet?

Ok, kids! EMS Today 2007 has begun. Before I dash off to a work-related event, I want to see how many bloggers will be in town.

On Friday night, I propose we have a blogmeet at DSX, it's a sports bar across the street from the convention center at 200 Pratt Street.

I'll be there at around 6:30-ish an I'll be hanging around a while. I'm tall, bald and wear glasses. Come introduce yourself and have a beer! Let's see how many blogger and bog-readers are going to be in town.

This'll be neat.

PhillyDan suggested it and I hope to see him and everyone else there!



Ecto? Just Testing

I'm trying out a new 3rd party blogging tool called Ecto.

We'll see how well it works. I really don't like having to write my blog through a web browser. nor do I like using a word processor to write and then cut and past. Too gunky. I have been using Firefox but, again, the web browser thing prevents me from writing off-line.

Ok, Enough of the test. Let's publish!