Indy 500.

Yes, I was there.

Every year, my brothers and I go somewhere awesome with our father for Father's day. Though it was a bit early, we went to the Indy 500 this year.

This pretty much sums it up:




Nothin' Doin'

It's a fill-in night at the firehouse. I've asked Helga to cover for me in the past and I'm paying her back now.

There's this kid. Her mom and my Mom went to Nursing school together. Her older sister is a doctor and she's thinking the same thing.

In the interim, she's decided that being an EMT-B is a good idea as a start on her road to her MD. An application, background check and a physical exam (Ironic?) later, she's a member.

Now, she's my problem.

The only time we roll the ambulance tonight is to go get ice cream at 11:00 at night.

Exciting times, no?

She fits in so well that I feel she's been here all along. This is one of those cases where someone is well suited to be here contrary to all assumptions.

I don't have a blog-name for her yet. She plays it too close to the vest for that at this point. For now, we shall call her, "Sis." She is more like a sister to me than anyone I've ever known at the firehouse. She's beautiful, confident and capable.

I have great hopes for her.

Tonight, she joked with us, commented on bad movies with us, made a senior member blush and was first on the engine when it got toned out for a fire. I watch this person for 4 hours and realize that nothing will stop her and she will do well in all she puts her mind to.

That's some powerful stuff.

'Go, Sis, GO!'