Blogmeet and Blog Move

The blogmeet went awesome! More to come on that.

I'm also struggling with the move from blogger to wordpress. I've successfully moved my blog entries from one platform to the next but moving the comments is a bit of a pain and Wordpress.com won't let me modify the templates at all to insert any code. I've been pretty happy with Haloscan for the comments and don't really want to change.


Any ideas?

Epijunky, you're hosting your own. Any guidance (I'm clueless!)?

Here's my current rundown:


Control over the template
Haloscan works
No native iPhone blogging tool
Interface is clumsy


More tools and widgets
It's Pretty!
Native iPhone blogging tool
Have to use the native commenting tool (all require moderator approval!)
Cannot change template
may be a size limit (saw $$ for more space advertised in there)

Any input?



Blogmeet: It's ON!!!

Ok, Kids, Here's the deal:

Let's have a blogmeet at The Nest. It's a bar right across the street from the convention center in Baltimore. They have a downstairs bar and eating area, Pool and games on the 2nd floor and a martini-bar style lounge on the 3rd floor.

I'll be there, and, depending on how many people show up, we'll be at the bar, in one of the upstairs zones. We'll do this on Saturday, March 28th at 4pm. The last conference session ends at 4pm and the exhibit hall closes at 3. We'll make it a happy-hour style event and we can move on from there as needed.

Sound good?

Here's the details in short:

WHAT: EMS Blogger Meetup!
WHEN: Saturday, March 28th at 4:00pm
WHERE: The Nest, 200 W Pratt St. Right across from the convention Center
WHO: EMS Bloggers, Faithful Readers, Groupies, YOU!!!!!
WHY: Why Not!!!???

I'll be there early. If you want to find me, I'll be wearing this hat:

Post Comments or Email me if you have questions.