My Ganglia and Mr. B's Danglias

Mr. B is off today to become a bit less "Mister." It'll be interesting to see how differently he behaves without the dangly bits. Kind of sad but it is a requirement of the animal shelter. It also makes sense to control the animal population.

On the topic of meningitis: I'm in the clear. My headaches are likely due to my discovery that I haven't found the best place in the world to work. Certainly not the best paying! More on that later....

I'm just back from a fast 2 mile run (ugh!) and I've got to shower, pick up Mr. B from the vet and finish the lesson plan for a class I'm teaching. More later, I promise.



Pain in the neck or pain in the a**?

I'm taking a patient through the emergency room out to the ambulance.

"Hey, Come here." says a nurse. Normally, I love that kind of thing but I've got a patient on my cot and I can't just stop.

The nurse is insistent. She drags me into an empty exam room.

"That sick patient you brought in this morning?"

"Yeah?" Says I.

"Well, he's got Meningitis."

EEP! "Bacterial or Viral?"

"I don't know, I'll find out."

Why does the base of my skull start hurting all of a sudden?




Writer's Block

Wow, it has been a long time!

I've had this big clot in my creative vein for a while. I just can't seem to get to it.

I've got plenty of material: My life as a paramedic (yay! I made it!), my job at a private transport company and the antics therein, the changed dynamics at my volunteer house now that I'm a paramedic in name but not in practice, my experiences driving our brand new ambulance and many other things have come up but I can't seem to get them down in words. I'm also teaching a 3 credit course at the university I just graduated from. Many of my students were classmates last semester. Interesting stuff. There again, I should write about it.

Hopefully, this entry will be the "clot buster" or the thrombolytic to my creative clot.

Since I only have an hour to clean my house, go shopping, vote in a primary election and make dinner, I'll just post some personal news:

He's a 2 year old mutt from the animal shelter. We connected very well at the shelter. He came home yesterday. His name (for this blog) is Mr. B.