Maddog, the mighty slayer!

I took the practical portion of my EMT-I test last Friday.

Not too bad, I only killed 3 people.

Needless to say I will be re-taking the 3 stations I failed. Here's the recap:

Medical Assessment: 1 Dead patient. She was having an allergic reaction to nuts in cookies. I did everything perfectly until I administered 500mg of a drug that is supposed to be given as 500mcg (That's 1,000 times the dose!) OOPS!.

IV skills: No worries. Patient got a perfect IV in the left forearm and 1mg of atropine IV push.

Adult Ventilatory skills: Intubated and did a combi-tube perfectly.

Static Cardiology: 4 cardiac rhythms interpreted and treated correctly. Awesome

Dynamic cardiology: Patient was complaining of chest pain, had an SVT of 138. I went to immediate cardioversion (Where I zap the heart to re-start it). BLAM! Dead!. I suppose I should have tried adenosine first since immediate cardioversion is only indicated for a rate of >150. It didn't matter as I ran out of time anyway.

Pediatric Intubation: Perfect

Pediatric Intraosseus infusion (putting a needle into the bone): Perfect

Basic Bleeding control: Perfect.

Trauma Assessment: Another Dead one, courtesy of Maddog. Gunshot wound to the chest. I found the exit wound right away but either didn't pay enough attention to breathing rate and assist as needed or I loaded the patient without backboarding them first. Either way: Patient Dead, I failed.


I keep beating myself up for not studying enough but EVERYONE in my class failed. Many of us feel that the program didn't prepare us enough for the practical portion. I think that's due to the fact the the person who would be running it was suddenly gone for the semester and a series of teachers and students stood in to fill the bill. Hm.

I'll be re-taking this thing soon before the summer lazies fully set in and I forget everything about medicine. Clearly, I'm an idiot. Hopefully, I won't kill as many patients in the field.




Vacation, et. al.

My Delayed EMT-I Practical Exam is Friday.

Since classes have ended, I've spend some quality time with the dog, gotten a part-time summer job as a park ranger and have hied off to the beach for a while. No phone, No Internet. Ahhhhh!

Currently, I'm trying to beat the beach-induced amnesia out of my head and I'm cramming like a student again.

After that, It's off to the beach again and then back home for more EMS calls, park ranger patrols and quality time with the dog.

Oh yeah, I've signed up for a marathon in October and a 50-mile ultra-marathon in November. I'll be doing a LOT of running this summer.


More to come!



"...peanut butter balls...."

"...and are you taking any medications, Ma'am?"

"Yeh! Ah take PeanutButterBalls"

"Excuse me?"


"Peanut Butter Balls?" asks the student medic, careful not to offend and sure he's missing something.

"Y'know. PeanutButterBalls. So I don't fall out and get all jiggy."

The student looks to the preceptor for guidance. She's turning red trying to restrain her paroxysms of laughter.

...Phenobarbitol. It's an anti-seizure medication.

I love EMS.