Getting Started

Well, This is me. I've decided after 32 years of living, 17 years of working 13 jobs and 5 career fields, that the thing I want to do is be a Paramedic. Join me for the trip. It promises to be quite a ride. First, let me tell you how I got here.

I was working on a computer as a network administrator. It was a mess and everyone wanted it to work very much. There was a lot of stress and pressure. Well, because it was running a Micro(pleasedon'tsuemeforusingyourname)soft operating system, it was giving me fits.

I got up and walked away.

I thought about something else. "If I left right now, would anyone die?"

I came back and fixed the problem.

I went out for a pint.

I had an epiphany:
1. I had been an EMT for a few years with the Reserves and it was one of the best parts of my job. Right.
2. I've seen lots of grody stuff. I've never been grossed out.
3. The last time I panicked, I was 7 and my mother scared the bejeezes out of me. I've had lots of opportunities to do so since but I have not lost my nerve. Not bragging, just a fact.
4. I really, really, really like treating hurt and sick people.
5. I really, really, really hate working in an office 9-5.

I guess I'm going to be a Paramedic.

I have since figured out how to use my veterans benefits, grants, scholarships and help from friends and family to go to a university that offers a 4 year program with a BS in Emergency Health Services and a certification as a Nationally Registered EMT - Paramedic. Yep, I'm a full time student.

I love it.

This is going to be my journal about becoming and being a paramedic. I'm currently an EMT-B and volunteer at a local firehouse/rescue squad. I'm liking it. Let me know what you think with the email link. Check in every now and then. I'm a lot older and much more experienced than most of my fellow students and EMT-Bs. I often see that I have a very different perspective on this stuff than many of my classmates and fellow EMT/Fire Fighters.


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