Holy crap! I'm back!

I went on a short trip to India. Kolkata is INTENSE.

In the mean time: my laptop died, my home computer died and I got assigned to a remote area clinic even deeper in the desert.

At this Remote Area Clinic (RAC), I've had very limited computer access. The only computers available at work are the ones in the general emergency room and the attending doctor is is VERY nosy. I've stopped him a few times from reading over my shoulder. More on that later.

Well, now we finally have an office for the paramedics where I can blog in privacy. I have a few days off in about a week. Herself and I are discussing a drive to The Big City to get a replacement laptop. There's an Apple-authorized reseller and I need to see what the price difference is 'tween them and the USA.

Ok. I've actually had some calls and such. I'll be posting about that and paramedic life in the Middle East soon! I promise!