Happy New Year!..zzzzzzzzz......

Not a single call. Not one. I suppose the residents of my town can count themselves lucky that not a single one of them required EMS or Fires services for the last few hours of 2004 and the first few hours of 2005.

I went in last night all excited about running calls involving drunk revelers, automobile wrecks and more. I had planned well. I arrived at the station at 7pm, checked out, stocked and cleaned the ambulance, had dinner and was in bed by 9pm. I woke up at midnight and got dressed. I figured that's where the action would be. I stayed up until 4am alternately reading my book and watching crappy movies on tv. No bell, no calls, nothing...

At 8am, I got up and got dressed. I had programmed my coffee maker to go off at 8 and when I walked into the lounge I found Old Jr on the couch looking bleary.

"You drink coffee?" I ask him.

"Yeah, you wanna run to the gas station and get some? I don't think they're open yet."

"No, man, I make the best coffee in the world and it's right around the corner." says I. We hop in the ambulance, leave the firehouse and make 2 left turns. Old Jr. Sits in the ambulance, idling our front while I run in for a couple travel mugs of locally roasted, organic french roast that will put a smile on a corpse's face.


Ok, so the ambulance only left the bay once but it was for a "rescue" call.


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