School again.

No, I haven't been eaten by a bear. I've started school again and it's pretty intense. I've decided that I'm going to be getting all As this semester and the fulfillment of that goal is consuming huge quantities of my time.

Calls: Not many. In fact, none. I'll start working with my paramedic preceptor in a week or so. Perhaps I'll get more then. We'll certainly see a new cast of characters!

School: The person who was my advisor and instructor for most of my classes last semester has left under hushed circumstances this semester. There has been a lot of last minute scrambling to fill in the teaching spots but, I must say, the quality of the instruction has gone up considerably. I am pleased. Unfortunately, with the increased quality of instruction, the expectation of performance has increased too. We are graded on our class performance, papers, group projects and research and clinical performance. And THEN we take our registry exams for EMT-I and EMT-P


I'll try better to write more. Does anyone have any good "tricks" to memorizing the ACLS drugs, sequences and dosages? I'm in a rut! Hit the comments section or email me.


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