The goodies are piling up.

I've got a TON of blogworthy goodies. Unfortunately, I probably don't have time to write them all up. I'll take a tip from Tom Reynolds and offer tidbits and let you all vote. You can do so by using the comments link at the bottom of this post or by sending me an email.

Here's the goodies:

-an ED rotation with Icky bedsores and cool nurses!
-a guest volunteer shift in another station with an SUV rollover!
-IV Drug Users teach me how to start IVs!
-Stabbed in the neck! Nervous paramedics! Maddog gets a blister!
-Another rotation in the ED, Maddog Tries to be an IV Jedi!
-Maddog's bedside manner, "You Funny! Go ahead. You can stick me again!"
-75lb (32Kilo) mastiff vs. Maddog. Can you guess who lost?

Ok! let me know which one you want to hear the most. I'll write up the ones that get the most votes first.

Thanks for reading!


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