What a pain in the neck!!

The call that wakes me is for a stabbing. The address is in a nearby apartment complex. We roll and happen to get to the complex before the police.

"Communications to Engine XXX, Ambulance XXX, Stage at BlahBlahBlah Road to await PD"

"Ambulance XXX at staging area. Standing by" Says I.

A few seconds later, I get on the radio again:

"Ambulance XXX to communications, Patient is at Ambulance XXX. Request PD our location."

"Ambulance XXX, Copy"

The patient had walked up to my door. "He stabbed me in the neck." He says as he tries to get into the passenger seat. He's got a sweatshirt clamped to the side of his neck and he's covered in blood. I hop out. I've got him by the elbow. Five seconds later, he's on the stretcher and I'm working him.

"Lock the doors and roll. We'll meet the medic en-route." says I to my partner. I don't know if the stabber's still around waiting to finish up. I really don't want to find out.

The medic is fresh out of school and panicky. The wound is small and not bleeding anymore. The patient is alert and oriented. The medic orders a full trauma workup with spinal immobilization, tries 3 times before he gets an IV (forgot his tourniquet) and almost gives morphine. I ask the patient to rate his pain and he gives it a 2 out of ten.

"Two, eh?" I say with an eye to the medic.

Morphine goes back in the box. The medic treats me like crap for the whole ride and orders me around once we get to the hospital.

Despite the medic's efforts, the patient is delivered alive and well to the ED.

Jeez! I hope I'm not like that when I get my NREMT-P!


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