More awesome mom-ness...

My phone rings. The caller ID says "MOM mobile."

We chat a bit. Here's a few quotes from Super-Mom:

"..You wouldn't believe the smell, hon... It's incredible."

"We don't have power at the clinic but we do at the hospital. Without air conditioning the air quality is pretty bad. We spend the day at the clinic until 5 and then go back to the hospital and clean some more. We're trying to get more rooms ready for patients."

I'm amazed at my mom's fortitude. She sounds tired. She also sounds cheerful and happy. She's doing something she loves. I can imagine. I think I'd be in the same mood in her shoes.

Then she says, "Wait! ...Do you have formula?"

I'm a bit confused

"Do you have enough formula for your baby? What kind of formula do you use..."

I hear another voice in the background.

Now I get it!

Mom says, "Hon, I'll call you back." *Click*

Go, Mom Go!!


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