Not much going on. I've run a duty night or two with no calls. I'm on semester break so, no stories from clinical rotations or classes.


Sorry about that. Well, here's some upcoming things that might be interesting:

1. I'm going to try to get the following certifications this semester: Emergency Vehicle Operator (so I can drive the Bambulance), EMS instructor, through my volunteer service, and CPR instructor. The last one is offered through my shcool. The first two through my volunteer service. The thing is, they're State certifications so, if i get a job at an agency in this state, they'll look super-good on my resume.

2. I'm going to see if I can do an independent research project this semester. I'm going to look at the number of ALS (Advanced life support or paramedic) calls that have originated from within my first due (my station's primary response area) and then see if there is a need for an ALS-capable unit in my area. This includes my home town where I and my family live. Of course my motives are somewhat selfish.

Ok. I'm filling in duty this Friday night. Perhaps something interesting will come of that.



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