Why I hate the new Blogger (part II)

Well, I just wrote up a post and sent it by email and it didn't work.

I'm forced to use this stupid, clumsy web-interface that still does not support Safari.

Here's the text of the message I tried to send:

"Well, since Google (TM) has taken over Blogger, none of the 3rd-party clients or applications I use to post to my blog work. Never mind that I've been using them for 3.5 years.


That's the MAIN reason I haven't been posting so much. A lot of cool things have happened. Before, It was a matter of writing it up in my journal software (where I've been working on other things, including a few manuscripts) and hitting "publish."

Well, NO MORE!

Now I'm forced to use a Google (TM) portal which Still does not recognize Safari.

I'm writing this one by Email.

Sigh! "

The message sent out successfully, according to my e-mail client. It never made it to the web page.

Apparently, Google (TM) wants everything done through their web portal. Or they don't like the subject line.

I know I'm getting all this for free but, I'm so frustrated, I'm ready to dump and delete the whole blog!

Any advice?


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