"And so I reach out my hand, and he grabs it"

This guy is a 'medic. And this post is a clear indication that he's a GOOD medic.

"What's a good medic?" You ask?

Well, that answer is complex, nuanced and full of opinion. I ain't ready to fight that battle in the blogsphere yet.


All of us paramedics get the same training, to a point. We all have to pass the same (or similar) test to be blessed as a paramedic. There are folks who will argue the contrary but, please, for the sake of my posting, let's assume my statement is true. I'm sure I'll get a bajillion comments when I finally do post on what makes a "good 'medic" but today, I want to talk about one thing that makes this guy a "good medic."

Some of the best in our profession don't try to be doctors. We don't try to be nurses. We recognize that this is what we do and we put effort into doing it better and into improving the efforts of those who come after us. There's a lot to be said for being a paramedic. There's a bit more to be said for being a good paramedic. There are volumes to be told for being a great paramedic.

What is "that thing?" What is the one thing (if we can condense it down that much) that makes the difference between a paramedic and a "good" or, even, "great" paramedic?"

The short answer for me is, "I don't know."

But I do know what I've seen in the paramedics, EMTs, Firefighters, Cops and public servants that I've met in my job.

We care.

When we do our job, no matter how busy our county/system/service/company is, we treat one patient at a time.

When we have the privilege to treat them, they are the ONLY patient we've ever seen and ever will. It's the zen, hokagare, samurai way, or whatever you choose to call it, but it's what paramedics do. We are called upon to consistently deliver the compassion, care and individual feeling that makes that difference. Everyone who needs a paramedic becomes a member of our family. Some of us want to do well. Some of us are just tired of the dying and killing and some of us, honestly, want to really, REALLY, help.

When the public (yes, you!) see us. You are at your worst. That only challenges us, further, to be at our best.

Nobody is a 'medic for the money.

Nobody is a 'medic for the groupies.

We do it (and keep doing it) because we care.

This guy? I hope someone like him comes to my house when I have to make "the call."


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