Running 3rd on the Ambulance tonight. Hope to see some calls.

I still have some paperwork for my EMT reciprocity. I have to prove to the state that I'm affiliated and then take a test on the state protocols on patient treatment. That happens on the 22nd. Ok, study, study, study. I've also found out that my jurisdiction is having an EMS officer class in Feb. I have to do some running around and signature gathering to get on the list for that class too. It might be all in vain. I hear there's only 1 other person signed up and they might cancel the class. Bleah.

So, not much in the past week as I've been away from the "Clubhouse" as i call the Fire Station sometimes. I have been reading a lot of other medical blogs, including the ones to the right there. Thanks to those of you who've come by, read and even commented. I'm delighted and surprised that people are reading my stuff.

Ok, off to the "Clubhouse." Wish me luck!


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