No calls during the meeting. Bah. In fact it's so quiet, I'm trying to put a comments link on my blog site. Not having much luck. I expected there to be a lot of calls. There's a full moon. Perhaps the cold, 20degrees Farenheit, is keeping the kooks at bay.

There was a Truck vs. Car with both car passengers fatal. Adult and a child. That happened about an hour before I left my house. The street was blocked off and I had to go to the Firehouse a different way. Our rescue squad responded and some of the people are still talking about it. Decompressing. Nobody likes a dead kid. The adult was obviously dead as there was no resuscitation attempts.


The thing is, I think I know the guy who was driving the truck. It was a municipal service truck and I used to work with those guys. I saw them just yesterday as I was going to the post office. Dang! My heart goes out to them. I don't know if the car hit the truck or vice versa. The investigation is still pending but those guys in the truck must feel crappy as all get out.


I'm gonna try to get this commenting thing working.

I get my turnout gear tomorrow!!!! yay!

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