These Boots:

Tom has written an entry about his boots. Medicmom has done the same thing. They are both very good entries. I, too, often reflect on my memories and past through the gear I have worn during those experiences. I value quality gear and keep it for a long time. I can look back on what my boots have been through. Somehow that's easier than reflecting on what I've been through.

So, here goes.

These boots:

    Have stepped on the decks of ships from foreign nations.
    Have carried me at full sprint down a marina dock, chasing a boat thief.
    Have stood on the neck of a man who was being handcuffed to keep him from beating his girlfriend any further.
    Have been puked on by drunks
    Have been puked on by patients.
    Have been bled on by many (including me!).
    Have climbed old wooden piers at 2 am.
    Have been awash in bilge water of many strange boats.
    Have been awash in spent shell casings.
    Have been thrown at my alarm clock
    Have been completely submerged in river mud
    Have been frozen while still on my feet.
    Have given me a good foothold to help push a broken rescue squad.
    Are a size 13
    Have kicked a soccer ball with kids who haven't learned English yet.
    Used to hide a knife, now hide an extra set of trauma shears.
    Have used 3 cans of Kiwi Black polish so far.
    Have been put on in the dark many times.
    Have braced me as I've pulled many people from the water.
    Don't slip in blood
    Don't slip in oil
    Don't slip in oily blood.
    Have been cleaned with bleach many times.
    Have been stared at by surly drunks as I read them their rights.
    Have been stared at by a mother as I tell her her son is dead.
    Are polished weekly (at least).
    Have waded through trash in patient's homes.
    Are excellent defense against an attacking dog.
    Cost me $129
    Are terrible to dance in.