Better Living Through Chemistry.

I arrived at the station to find "Tuffy" is there. Tuffy is a volunteer at the station who also works in a nearby city as a firefighter. He and I get along very well as we have similar ideas about EMS and he's going to paramedic school as well. He goes to school at a different university than I but we both are keen on the subject. We are equally delighted to find we'll be running calls together tonight.

As we leave the Mexican fast food place from picking up dinner the radio calls us to action: "Personal injury after assault, domestic, police on scene."

Yippee! We arrive at the same time the backup police unit does. In the apartment is a mom, 3 kids and nobody hurt. The police are talking to mom when I realize that it's her that was "injured."

"Ma'am, are you hurt?"

"My daughter attacked me and tried to hit me on the arm."

"Did she hit you?"


"Do you hurt anywhere?"

"No, but I want you to take my daughter to the hospital to be evalliated. She got ADHD, ADD, OCC and ODC."

(I'm NOT making this up!!)

One police officer is with a surly looking 12 year old girl and mom's looking worried. I look at the other officer.

"No patient." He says.

We're gone! As we're leaving, I hear one of the police officers, "If I have to come back here again tonight..."

In the ambulance, Tuffy says, "That kid was on more medications than I've ever seen!"

"Hm, Pharmaceutical parenting?"

"You got that right!"



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