Questions from a reader, Part Four

Good day, all! This next question from our reader is one that just begs to be put out there. We all love to tell war stories and I think this question will invite the best from the EMS providers who read this blog.

"Have you ever answered a call and found someone had begun first-aid that
was helpful (or not)?"

Hoo boy! That's just begging for some war stories from the street, no? Ok, Here's my challenge to my readers. Email me your story or post it in your blog and I'll either post the email content here or link to your blog entry. I think the comments section would be overwhelmed by this but you can leave one there too.

This should be great!

As to me, I'm covering at the Firehouse tonight and Friday night. I'll also be providing bicycle-based EMS for an ultra-marathon this Saturday. If you don't see some good postings from me soon, I've been living a life TOO ordinary.


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