Is the honeymoon over?

Well, this post is about my preceptor and her partner. I have to come up with names for them so, here we go:

My preceptor has many qualities that I just can't seem to put into words. There are times when I wonder why she's decided to be a preceptor. I often feel like I'm a pain in the butt to her. Other times, she can be very accommodating. She always tells me I'm in charge of the call but she'll frequently take control to hurry up a junkie who's not going fast enough. I don't know. Because of her physical characteristics and the fact that I see Bugs Bunny smoking a cigar and wearing a bowler hat every time I look at her, I shall call her "Rabbit."

Her partner is a 42 year old father of 4 who looks, acts and speaks as if he just turned 21. He alternately scares and amazes me. I shall call him Rubber Band.

Rabbit and Rubber Band show up to shift this morning only slightly less hung over than they warned me they would be. I knew they were going to a big dinner function the night before and when, at 0530, they stumbled in, signed themselves to the roster and shuffled off to bed, I smiled and turned to my homework.

We only ran a few calls but they, combined with the calls I ran last shift, served to give me a clear picture on their attitude towards patients, transport and what the think a 'medic should do.

I'm far too exhausted to accurately describe my feelings. There are also some technical aspects and drug questions I'd like to ask my more experienced readers. Stay tuned. I will post again tomorrow.

Coming up....

Apathy, Compassion, Tailgating and Morphine Sulfate!

Will the fun never stop?


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