Selective Needlephobia?

"...Hello, Ma'am. My name is Maddog and I'm going to start an IV and take some blood"

"No! No! No needles! I hate needles! Please no!" She cries. She's a pretty and healthy young woman in the emergency room because she's 7 months pregnant and having abdominal pains.

"I need to get this IV in so we can give you medications if you need them."

"No! Please, no. I can't stand needles!"

I look at the 5 earrings in each ear, the eyebrow piercing, the nose ring, the 2 tongue studs, the lip ring and the large collection of tattoos on her arms.

She sees me looking. My left eyebrow lurches over the rim of my glasses.

I blink once.

"That's different." she says.


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