"Are you flirting with me?" or "The ladies man! Chapter Two!!"

Lucky McGee and I get a call for a "sick" woman. In the city where I'm doing my clinical rotations, a Medic unit (an ambulance with at least one Paramedic on board) is sent to every call requesting an ambulance.

She's 73, she's got a fever and, clearly, the flu or a cold. Ok, we'll take her to the hospital.

On the way, I'm keeping up my usual chatter. I'm taking her vital signs while Lucky McGee is doing paperwork.

While I'm checking her blood pressure, she asks me, "You got any kids?"

"No, Ma'am."

"When you do, I bet they'll be good lookin' like you, hon!"

"You think I'm good lookin'? Ok, when we get to the hospital, you need to get your (glasses) prescription checked too, eh?"

"Aw, cutitout! You're a handsome boy!"

I put on a serious look. "Ma'am, are you flirting with me?"

She pats my knee. "Yes. Yes, I am." *wink*


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