Didn't I see you on an episode of COPS?

Zach and I are dispatched to the local police department. They had someone in custody who they needed looked at.

"Do you have any medical conditions?"

"Yeah, I have diabetes."

"Do you take anything for it?"

"Yeah, insulin."

"Really? When was the last time you took your insulin?"

"About a month ago."

The cop by the cell door shakes his head. He's an EMT too and he knows that an insulin dependent diabetic can't go more than a day or two without insulin. I give the guy some lemony glucose paste to keep him occupied.

"I can't move my legs!"

I check and he's got pulse, motor and sensation (reflex) in both feet.

"Buddy," Says the cop, "I chased you for six blocks before I had to hit you with the tazer. I can't move MY f***ing legs!"

Zach and I go back to the firehouse. Sometimes we watch COPS reruns. Sometimes we live them!


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