"...You say it's your birthday!" Dah Nee no Nee nee ner..;."Well, Happy day to you!" Dah Nee no nee nee ner....

I turned 35 today!

I received a ton of well wishes.

Herself got me a book. It's Karambolage by Arnold Odermatt.

From the Review:

"With thoroughness and a meticulous attention to detail, Arnold Odermatt photographed automobile accidents on the streets of the Swiss canton of Nidwalden between 1939 and 1993. For 40 years, the Swiss police office recorded the wrecked cars left in the wake of excessive speed, drunk driving, right-of-way errors, and plain foolishness, in poignant, sometimes funny, and always strange atmospheric photographs."

Let me tell you: It's a great book! What fun to look at photos of auto accidents from so long ago and done in such a style! They seem to be artistically arranged!

An example:

And another:

I love it!

Each picture tells a story for those of us who know how to read a deformed car. There is also a history lesson. There are no airbags, crumple zones or side-impact guard bars. Twisted metal and physics rule the day in these pictures. I'm particularly enamored by the prevalence of VW beetles in this book. They were, mostly, ubiquitous in Switzerland during that time and persist in being my personal fantasy car.

As it was my birthday, my family invaded my home. Wine, food, nieces (3 and 4 1/2 years old), and silly stories helped make this the happiest birthday I've had in an entire year!

I'm so lucky!


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