Another day on the job.

Bruno and I happen to be working together this day. He and I graduated from the same Paramedic program and during those 4 years, we discovered we like each other a lot. We both love running, pints and EMS. He volunteers in a neighborhood not far from mine where most of the area violent crime occurs.

It's my second day out of training and I'm working as an EMT-B driver until all my local Paramedic paperwork comes back. On this particular, beautiful day, our call volume was low and easy. We spent an hour parked under a tree in an arboretum reading the paper while waiting to pick up a patient from a nearby dialysis center.

Life is good!

Except for the shooting.

Later in the afternoon, we stop at an office supply store to pick up a clipboard and some pens for me (I'm a total pen whore!!). Finished with our shopping, we're sitting in the ambulance having just started the engine. From the rear:

"Ping, Pank! Pang! Ping! Ping! Pank! Pow!"

Bruno and I look at each other.

"We've been shot!" we say simultaneously. We both know what guns sound like.

"Twenty-two?" I ask skeptically.

"Nah, smaller than that. BB gun, I think." He replies.

I hazard a glance over my shoulder to see two kids running away from the parking lot.

I look over to Bruno. We nod then go out the doors simultaneously. Low and fast we slip out of the front to our respective side's rear wheels. Cars on either side provide cover. Stay in a crouch. Quick scan reveals no other shooters. My hand automatically goes to my right hip but the only thing that sits there these days is my cellphone. Great!

I come around the back of the unit and discover that Bruno's been doing the same thing I have. Low, fast and using available cover. This kid's never been trained but he knows what to do. He might live a while!

The coast is clear and a woman comes up to us to tell us she saw it all. Now comes the fun part. I call control.

"Ambulance 138 to control, We're going to need another unit to take our 5:30 call. The rear windows of our unit have been shot out. Local PD has been notified. Our location is Suchandsuch shopping plaza on Somwhereorothher Highway."

"Control to 138. (Loooonnnnggg Pause) Um, Er, Uh, Ooookaaayyyyy. Your windows have been shot out????? Uh, Yeah, um. Wait! Is everyone ok??? yeah!"

"138, Control we have no injuries."

"Control, 138. Ok, Right. yeah, Um, .....uh......Stand by!"

I think I just rocked someone's world. A short while later, another voice comes on the radio, presumably the supervisor.

"Control, 138. Stand by your position, a supervisor is on the way. Is your unit drivable?"

"138, Control. Copy supervisor en route. Unit is drivable but not fit for patient transport. PD is on scene and we have a witness."

"Control, 138. Outstanding. Disregard supervisor en route. Return to base when investigation complete."

"138, Control. Roger that. ETA 25 minutes."

Cool, baby. Nothing but cool!


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