There is no greater love...

I am but a brief episode in some people's life. I'm sure I'm one of the most forgettable parts of their lives. I'm often there at the end of their life. My presence, as a medic/ambulance driver/smiley guy who hauls the cot, is memorable, but the essence of me is easily forgotten.

That's OK. I'm not here to be memorable. I've been taking people home to die (discussions with hospice nurses) or to the operating room to die (dour looks from surgeons). It's not important to me to be the shining beacon of grace to anyone's memory. But I do love.

Each dying person, each brave-faced husband, each openly weeping brother is a recipient of my love. I truly believe that our job on this planet is to love everyone. I do that as best I can. I treat everyone with the respect and honor that I would want for myself.

During any 12 hour shift, my heart will break 4 to10 times. The last time will be as strong as the first. We all deserve love. That's what I do. It doesn't hurt me. I'm not "drained" by this burden. I come away from this with the feeling that I have given my whole heart to this. Everyone in my care deserves no less. I am in the right place at the right time.

Honor, respect and devotion to duty.

There is no greater love.


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