9/11, Of course, but...

It's good to remember the attacks on 9/11 and we should always honor our heroes who rushed in to respond to the attacks. I certainly do.

...you know, I was going to write something cranky and scathing about how EMS workers are always marginalized and shoved aside to make room for Fire and Police and how the delayed recognition and honoring of the EMS workers lost in the WTC attacks was an example of that but... I find that after 8 years, I don't have that much anger in me anymore. I've become so used to "working behind the scenes" that it doesn't even bother me anymore.

It's time to move forward. FireFighters, Paramedics and Cops. We all protect and serve. I don't need to be a hero. I don't need to be recognized. I'm just happy to have a good job doing what I love.  Eight years ago, we saw what hate, anger and ignorance did to over 3,000 people and their families. There's no room for that in my world anymore.

I know I do good. My patient outcomes speak to that. I move through this world and do my work with compassion and dedication. I know that. I don't need anyone else to tell me.

Get over it, maddog.

He stands up, stretches and looks around the blogsphere.

By the way, It's good to be back!


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