Yep, That's me!

We're floating down a river. It's a bunch of close and dear friends. We're each sitting on little inner tubes and, in a calm spot, the antics ensue.

Some folks are trying to stand on their tiny tubes. at 6 feet 4 inches, and a shallow river, I see this as a dubious task, at best.

Soon, it's, "Maddog, do downward dog!" so, being the amateur yogi that I am, I do my best to execute a Downward Dog (or Adho Mukha Savasana) on my tiny river inner tube. Somehow this inspires many people to great feats of silliness. then the comments start:

"It's pretty shallow. You're going to crack your head!"

"It's OK, Maddog's here. He'll take care of us!"

Ugh! I just want to float down the river

"I'm off-Duty!" I say!

laughter ensues.


A few hours later, the same crowd is at dinner. Someone orders a monster steak.

"Holy crap! that's gonna kill me!"

"It's OK, Maddog will save you!"

I'm a few drinks deep. The steak-eater looks at me. I waggle my eyebrows.

"I'll save you, honey." I say.

His girlfriend immediately responds with "Woohooo!!!!"

laughter ensues.

The paramedic? Oh, Yeah, that's me!


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