Pretty Lucky Guy Part II

After about 26 hours of ground and air travel, I'm safe and sound in my little desert Kingdom. I got through Bahrain with no delays. Even drove right over the Pearl roundabout and spied some flags and banners. Not much going on. While things are showing as busy and dangerous on the news, none of the much-covered unreast reaches this far into the unpopulated wastes where I live. Occasionally a camel may protest by blocking traffic for a while but otherwise things are quiet.

I'm a pretty lucky guy.

On my way out the security gate to go to work this evening, the young security guard brightens up when he sees me.

"Hello my friend!" He says with a big grin. He looks vaguely familiar but I go through so many gates and see so many security guards that it's hard to keep them all straight. I figure he's just being super-friendly as many locals are here. It's really quite charming.

"Do you remember me? You helped me!"  He says,  reaching out his hand to shake mine.

BING! It hits. It's the pretty lucky guy I treated a few months ago. I shake his hand warmly as he grins and smiles.

"Ali! How are you my friend?" I'm a little surprised and delighted to see him.

"I am fine, Al Hamdulillah (thanks be to God)! Thank you so much, my friend!" And he is. He's got  few scars on his forehead from the accident but he's up and walking around with no pain. Back on the job and happy to be there.

And grateful.



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Jim said...

Ya salam! Ala aldunya saghira?

Wow! Small world, ain't it?

Alhamdu lilla ala salamtika. I'm glad you returned safely. You and Ali are two lucky guys.

-- Jim