Holy furious Medics, Batman!

There is some discussion going on in the EMS blogs that I think everyone, both in EMS and not, should. read.

The Professor and I have a lot in common. We both are relatively new to EMS and come to it late with the perspective and experiences from our "past" lives. We both have a lot of questions about the people who skate by doing the minimum in EMS, and we have our own reasons for doing everything we can. A quote from the Prof rings true with me too:

"My goal is to get the patient to the hospital with as good a prognosis as possible. The thought that I will not know or perform something that is within my scope of practice and that I cost someone the best outcome possible scares the heck out of me."

This is from an entry sparked off, he says, by a comment I made on his blog. I encourage everyone to read it. It presents the perspective of people who recognize the the powerful responsibility we have as EMS providers and gives unspoken credit to the value of all human life. I'm sure many seasoned EMS vets feel the same way. Us newbies are still awed by it enough to put it into words.

The other posting that I think is a necessary read and resonates with me is from The MacMedic. It talks about the parallels that can be drawn in EMS and in the computer-related professions. It rings in me as I come from an IT background and still remain involved in it (I just set up my first Linux server! w00t!).

The ideas I'm pulling from both of these are:

1. Some people are slacking in EMS
2. Some people are dedicated to providing the best care they can at all times.
3. Many of the people in #2 are appalled that people in #1 exist.

I keep coming back to what the head of the USCG EMS school said to my class before we graduated.

"We all hope our mothers, wives, fathers, children, brothers, sisters and friends receive care from an EMT who is at the top of their game. Therefore we are obligated to be sure anyone's mother, father, children, brother, sister or friend has the same when they receive care from us."

Personally, I feel this idea of being the best I can, now and in the future, so strongly, I can't imagine being any other way. If I ever become so jaded that I become a "cracker", it's time to get another job.

One more quote:

"Try not!
Do or do not!
There is no try!"


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