Shotgun victim update:

The patient who suffered the GSW to the abdomen, has survived and is recovering. The charming individual that shot him has been arrested, charged with attempted murder and robbery.

From the press release:

"The victim, a 42 year old [city deleted by maddog] resident, was located, suffering
from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim advised that he was getting out
of his vehicle when he was approached by three suspects, two armed. One of
the suspects demanded money. When the victim stated that he had no money,
one of the suspects shot him with what appeared to be a shotgun. The
suspects then took the victim's cellular telephone and car keys and fled the
scene. The victim was transported by ambulance to [name deleted by maddog]
Hospital for treatment. Approximately an hour later, the [Jurisdiction deleted by maddog]
Police Department were involved in a vehicle pursuit that ended in
the 6300 block of [street and city deleted by maddog] where a suspect in the
robbery/shooting was apprehended and a shotgun recovered."

..and the beat goes on...


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