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I've added quite a few links to other medical or EMS-oriented blogs over there to the right. I have to say I have been surprised at the large number of the blogs. It makes me wonder about how they help people decompress. When I read blogs like MacMedic's, I see some of that happening. Especially after some of the more difficult calls. Strangely, I feel like I get to share in some of that when I read it. In the Coast Guard, Critical Incident Stress Management is widely used. After any traumatic or particularly violent action, we go through a critical incident stress debriefing where we sit with some peers and just talk it down. There's no critique, it's totally confidential and nothing is recorded. As someone who's been through the process several times, I have to say I appreciate the results. I think this post-incident blogging has a similar effect.

Aside from the emotional aspect, I really enjoy hearing about clinical cases from the perspective of the medic or EMT. This let's me see a bit of what is going on in the brain pan when all the stuff's going on. I'm kind of isolated at my FD as someone who isn't interested in Fire Fighting so much and doesn't think patients are a waste of time. It's always nice to hear from and read about others who appreciate EMS as much (if not more) as I do.

The other thing that has surprised me and most pleasantly, is the amount of communication that occurs between all these blogging EMT providers. I've been getting traffic and comments from others and I greatly, greatly appreciate it. It has kept me motivated to keep writing. Even when I should be studying (like now, eep!). Thank you all for the links, comments and support. Keep it coming. I will too.


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