Ain't been writing much. Sorry. Argh! School, work, family, house (selling), house (buying) sickness (flu then cold) have been distracting me from what I WANT to do. I have too many things that I NEED to do! Dangit!

For example: I am taking both organic chemistry and an advanced Spanish class. I like them both. I have been spending a lot of time working on the homework for the Spanish class and not a lot on the homework for the Chemistry class. Result? I'm doing well in EspaƱol and not so good in Organic Chem. The problem is: Spanish is NOT a required class to continue in my major next semester.

¡Es una lastima que no haya seis mas horas por dia! ¿No?

I apologize to all of you readers for being so quiet lately. I have no excuse. I use a wonderful program that allows me to write on my laptop and then post to my blog with a click of a button. I just need to remember to open the thing and write!

I suppose one of the things that's keeping me from posting so much is the fact that I feel that whatever I write needs to be more EMS related than my thoughts and feelings (see previous post). In any case, I shall endeavor to do more and find more to say.

As always, Feel free to leave a comment by clicking the link below or send me an email. I'd be glad to talk to you. At the very least it will give me motivation to POST!!!!


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