Duty tonight. Sleeping in.

Not much going on so far. Someone found a bunch of old navy pencil flares. I think they're called MK79 personal distress flares, if my memory serves right. Of course I was called to check 'em out. I explained how they worked and how hight they were expected to fly. I also explained the inherent hazards of the flares and the proper way of firing them off. This got all the boys super excited about the flares.

I sternly admonished everyone for playing with dangerous flares....and then shot one off. WOO HOO!

After a couple we had to quickly police up the brass and take to obviously throwing the football around as the cops were cruising by.

Fun fun!

Now I've discovered that someone has contrived to connect a couple X-Boxes and a couple televisions. They're playing 2 on 2 HALO and I'm not one to miss the fun!!



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