I got a phone call today.

I was at school working on a paper when my phone rang. It was J, my favorite driver on my ambulance. She was calling to let me know she was standing duty tonight and to find out if I was going to too. I told her that Fridays were my duty night now as I couldn't get out of class in time to be there on Tuesdays. In any case I had a date with 2 ladies for dinner tonight and I'm not breaking that for the world! Especially since one of them is buying me dinner! She alternated between razzing me for not pulling duty on her night and trying to convince me to come in tonight.

Wow! That's cool! I got the feeling that she LIKES running calls with me. I had said in my last post that I think she's warming up to me but I didn't even know she had my number. At first I didn't know how to feel but as I thought about it, I got pretty excited. I finally feel like I'm really a member at my station. I have voting rights in the volunteer organization and I'm a recognized officer in my jurisdiction now. That's all good and fine but to have another member call and, for all intents and purposes, request my presence on her duty night is pretty reassuring.

I don't think I'm any great shakes at EMS and I certainly don't have any high opinion of my interpersonal skills at that station. To hear from J, whom I hold in pretty high regard in both EMS and socially, was extremely self-affirming. To tell you the truth, I like running calls with J quite a bit. She and I seem to work together well. There's no personality conflicts and we both see eye to eye when it comes to the "Patient First" attitude. I ended the call with the feeling that she's thinking about coming in on Friday nights to run calls with the "maddog."



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