Update on the Vomit Comet:

I'm all better now. Sunday was a daze of fever and weakness. I watched two movies I had been meaning to see for a while and only regretted one of them. The Transporter was a little too over the top and Hong-Kong-esqe but I finally saw Bringing Out The Dead. I'm glad I did. Generally, Scorcese had not failed to please me.

Those of you that enjoyed the transformation that Nicholas Cage's character went through in that movie would also enjoy Matchstick Men. I saw that on Monday while I was still weak and wobbly but much improved from Sunday. Today, Tuesday, I'm back in form and might even try working out again tomorrow. I tell you, that food poisoning (for that's what I'm convinced it was) really kicked my teeth in. I'm usually not that incapacitated by illness. I think of myself as able to "push through" any discomfort such as root canals and the like, but this thing knocked me out! I know this is not very EMS related but I thought I'd give an update and mention the EMS movie I saw.

Thanks for reading and your concerned comments. I'll write about guts and gore or EMS vs. Fire controversy soon. I promise!

OK. See you all later. Duty either Thursday or Friday night. I'll keep you posted.


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