I got to the station to discover J was standing duty as the driver for the ambulance that night. Cool! We hung out while the squad and the truck went out to various calls to be put back in service halfway there.

I was delighted to find out that J is going to go to Paramedic school starting in the summer. I thought that was pretty cool. We talked about this and about how we both feel when working with J2 and with each other. We both agreed that J2, while knowledgeable, is not really good at picking up on what her partner's doing. There are other issues that have created animosity between J and J2 as well. For dinner we took the ambulance to a local chain place to get some salads. I got a vegetable panini sandwich that was pretty good. At least I thought so at first.

Unfortunately, the only patient I dealt with last night was myself. About 30 minutes after eating the sandwich, I started to get shivery and chilled like I had a fever. This got worse and worse and I could not get warm. I checked out with the chief and went home. My shivers were so bad It took a conscious effort of will to drive my car in one lane.

At home, I got a bucket for the bedside and bundled myself up in bed. I wasn't feeling nauseous but I had visions of whatever toxin was in my sandwich leaching through my stomach wall and into my body. Eventually, the idea of it got me up and I "emptied" myself. I felt considerably better after that and slept for most of the night.

Today, I feel like someone has lit into me with a baseball bat. All of my muscles are sore and feel bruised. I have a nasty headache and I don't think I've entirely shaken the fever. Fortunately, my stomach is OK and coffee is staying down. I'm operating at about half speed and standing up straight is a painful experience. I've been stretching and trying to get the hurt out of my muscles but it's going to take a while. No running for me today.

Sorry I don't have anything too exciting to write. Hopefully I won't be as disappointing next time.


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