Magical powers!!!!

Well, it seems that no sooner do I type out my woes that they quickly go away! I had griped that blogroll was down. I even spent some time poking around and waiting before I posted a gripe and apology(to my readers). HA! Now it's up, and I'm sure it's only up to spite me.

The fine computers at blogroll were only waiting until I publicly complained before they booted themselves back up again to prove me wrong. There were times when I worked as a network administrator that my own servers and workstations would do the same thing. It did not make me feel very good about my skills. Then again, everything I worked on was Micro(the European Union thinks your evil too)soft and frustrating me was merely a "feature" according to technical support.

Serves me right for whining, I suppose. If any of you have a technical problem, I'd be more than glad to do my part to make it go away by complaining in my public blog. Of course there will be a nominal fee......


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