More EMS-related entries on the way, I promise!!!

Here's a preview:

1. White pickup with empty beer bottles, bad Mexican pop CDs and two perfect stars on the windshield...Patients?? Where???

2. Three little kids in the back of a car. Belted. Liver Lacerations?? Uh oh!

3. Truck + Car + Car + Car = maddog transports 2 patient in his ambulance and delivers efficacious care!! w00t!

4. 80cc Scooter with flame decals, alarm system and remote start. or "Manly fun at the firehouse!"

I have my first big cardiology test tomorrow. I'll be reading EKG strips until I'm blind. Today's pharmacology test whomped my butt. I'm still reeling from the blow. I'll write more soon. I swear!!


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