"¡Soy el Doctore! ¡Soy el Doctore!"

The best way to keep a kid happy in the ER is to put gloves, mask, gown and cap on him and tell him he's a doctor.

He then proceeds to "treat" his dad who's there for an allergic reaction. I suppose the distraction is welcome. This is an ER that goes to "Yellow" status with 4 empty beds. Yellow status means that they can only take emergency patients and everyone else has to wait until they have space. Including my patient, the father of "El Doctore" who's eyes are so swollen shut, I have to guide him to a seat.

"I'll make you better, Daddy!" says the son (in Spanish). Hugs ensue.

I get a signature from the charge nurse and prep for the next call. Nothing has prepared me for my next call.



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