Pharmacology test tomorrow. Here's a sample question:

"Your patient weighs 148lbs. Start an IV of Lactated Ringers solution. Administer 1500ml over 5 and a half hours through a 10 drop set. Give the patient a 3% drug via IV push. The Physician requests that the patient receives 1.5 mg/kg. Hang a medication Drip. Start the patient at 3 micrograms per kg per minute through a 60 drop set. The medication drip is 800mg in 500ml.
Please provide:
1. Patient weight in kg:
2. How many drops per minute do you run the LR IV? round to the nearest whole drop:
3. How many milliliters of the drug do you push?
4. How many milliliters of drug do you infuse per minute? Give the raw number to the 4th decimal place.
5. How many drops per minute do you run the IV medication? Round to the nearest whole drop.

Fun, eh?

Oh yeah, no calculators, Show all your math, I have about 5 minutes per question. My test will be about 6 to 8 of these questions.



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