"....a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet."

Niles has been officially renamed to "Peaches." Really. In our lab yesterday, our professor, Dr. F, called to me and he. She said, "Maddog and, er..um...Peaches. Come here."

What can I say? It stuck. I've made it my personal mission to ensure the name sticks throughout the rest of Niles's college experience and, if I can, into his career.

The cool thing is: he gets the joke and takes the nickname well. Except for the times I call him "Peaches" when he's trying to "chat up" some girly-girl. Hee heee! That's about the time I wax nostalgic about our time together in prison. To Peaches' credit, he picks right up on the joke and plays along. He reminisces longingly about our encounters in the shower and how I paid more cartons of cigarettes for him than any other inmate. I'm telling you, this guy knows funny! This can only make him look better in the eyes of the girls he tries so hard to impress.

Today, after I advised him on how to talk to women, he asked me if he could call me "Yoda." I am honored beyond words.


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