Movin' on.

First of all, I'm testing Blogger's "post by email feature." If it
doesn't work, I'll have to cut and paste the dang thing to make it

Secondly, Herself and I are moving on. We're both touched by the
outpouring of care from all our friends and family. We're still going
to move, we're still going to adopt a child (hopefully two!) just not
as soon as we thought. I was really touched when I was telling Herself
that we might still have a couple kids. She said, "I don't want a
couple, I want twins!"

This coming from the woman who fought tooth and nail against the very
concept of more than one child. Hee!

Thanks to you all who have sent wishes via comments or via email.
Hopefully we'll have more happy news to share soon. As far as the
birthmother: I've heard she's physically well but emotionally a wreck.
Herself and I are planning on sending her a letter through the agency
to share with her how grateful we are that she had chosen us and that
our thoughts are with her and what she's gone through.

On a better note, I have started my Anatomy and Physiology classes and
they are quite demanding. The upside is my lab partner is a really good
friend of mine who's been in all my science classes since I've started
at this school. We'll call him Niles. He's got a great attitude and we
get along so well that I often forget he's only 19. We drive each other
to study and "stay on target." Today we decided we were competing for
the best grade and we've got to come up with an idea for the prize.
Niles wants the loser to have to do something terribly embarrassing and
I think the winner should be treated to dinner. What we've come up
with is the loser has to wear a dress while taking the winner out to
dinner. Now, Niles would probably look pretty good in something long
and slinky but I don't have the hips for anything besides a muu muu.

What do you guys think? Give me some ideas!


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