Firehouse Transfer Update #2:

I heard back from my chief. He sent me a nice email today saying he was sorry to lose a member, he'd arrange all the paperwork and contact the chief of my Hometown Station to give him a heads up. Yay! This current chief is a recent fill in. Our standing chief resigned a few months ago and our current one has been a chief of our station in the past. He also requested and exit interview. I suppose I'll be kind but honest.

I'm quite relieved.

On other fronts: we had a HUGE moving sale last Saturday. We sold about 1/2 of our belongings and made a good chunk of change. In fact, i think the money we made paid for our new washer and dryer for the other house! HA! now I'm boxing up what's left, wandering around empty dusty rooms and wishing I was out of here already.

We settle on the 9th, move to my parent's house and start renovations on our "new" house. My final exams are on the 8th!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


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