Sad news....

I mentioned in a previous post that I was adopting twins that were due in August. I was informed today that they died last Thursday. Torn placenta apparently led to stillbirths for both.

I found out just before I left to pick up my wife from the airport. I had to keep the news to myself until we got home. There was no way I'd tell her in the middle of the baggage claim. It was killing me. In the airport, I saw a pair of twin girls with blonde pageboy haircuts steaming a window with their breath and making pictures. Herself kept talking about how all her friends are so excited for us. She had picked up children's book art to frame for the nursery.


Tears later, we're better. I love her even more(I'm always amazed that it's possible!). Family has just left the house the phone has finally stopped ringing. I've tucked Herself into bed and slunk off to my study to prepare for my muscle systems test tomorrow.

I'll be fine but something's going to get broken in the next day or so and I hope nobody pisses me off too much.


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