Well, I didn't like the "blog by email" feature at all. Either Hotmail's server is slow or Blogger takes forever to post it. I'm a Mac user and I do all my blogging on a lovely piece of shareware called MacJournal and it has a feature to publish directly to blogger. It also keeps all my entries for me and can be password protected. Pretty nice. This way I can blog even if I don't have internet access and I can post it when I do.

Other news: Not much besided working my but off in A&P I. Niles and I have picked up a 3rd cohort. I'll call her Natasha. Her family's from Russia but she's totally Americanized. Niles is a good looking guy and Natasha is, well, WOW! There's definitely some chemistry going on. During breaks in class, the 3 of us go out to the quad and throw some frisbee. Good times.

Yesterday, in lab, Niles went to work with another cutie in class. He's pretty shy and his self-esteem isn't too hot. He doesn't see that Natasha's kinda into him. Natasha was NOT happy about that. Hee hee. Young love!

Niles is in the paramedic program with me. He works as a dispatcher for a private company and the other day, as he was going on shift, one of his ambulances was involved in a wreck. It seems the driver is diabetic and passed out at the wheel. Hmmm....you'd think, being a paramedic and all, that he'd be aware of his blood sugar.....

Not much else going on. Sorry to be so boring but I'm trying my best to write more. Jason has complained about my lack of entries in the past. I'm trying! I'm trying!


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