...and so we commit their bodies to the deep... (Again, dammit!)

Uncle John loved his job. He loved his family too. He owns the cabin and boat where I went sailing with my father and brothers. He also gave us a tour of the USS Constitution, the ship where he worked as a rigger and craftsman.

Yesterday Uncle John fell 75 feet from the mainmast of the USS Constitution to his death. He was 55, healthy, happy and doing what he loved. I'll miss him horribly.

We had spent a weekend drinking too much, staying up all night, sailing all day and, as we were heading back home, he proudly showed off where he worked. He left his high paying job as a chemical engineer and took a huge pay cut to pursue his dream of working on square rigged ships. The last time I saw him, he was gearing up to go aloft and I could tell he was happy as all get out.

Fair winds and following seas, Uncle John.


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