Blog every day?

I've been trying to keep my promise of an entry a day. Tonight is more difficult than others. I suppose that writing an entry about not having anything to write about is a cheap way out. This will be my only one, I promise.

On a slightly medical note, I bought scrubs and a lab coat for my new job as a medical assistant at the campus health center. I'm looking forward to having some non-emergency, clinical experience to round out my skills. Everyone there is the coolest.

This evening my mom had me put them on and she was tickled to see her "baby" in scrubs. Mind you her "baby is over 6 feet tall and 230lbs! And I'm the smallest!!

There, I wrote about SOMETHING. Blah. Be sure to visit some of the links I have over there to the right ---->. There's some pretty good reads there.


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