I started my job at the University Health Center today. It's really cool. I had to work a bit to get my head around the idea that not all my patients are emergencies. Hee hee.

As I was getting oriented, I was talking to "Charlie," the CNP who's the head resident medical person there, and I asked him, "Where's your code cart?"

He smiled at me like a tolerant parent. "We don't have a code cart. We have a 'critical care' cart but we don't have codes here."

I can see he's right. This place is tiny and nobody comes here for an emergency, they call 911. I think he's also smiling because he knows where I'm coming from. His partner (We'll call him "Chief" since that's what I call him) is a paramedic, one of my professors and the head of the paramedic clinical program at my school. He's also my advisor.

As far as the workplace. It's the coolest. Everyone here is professional, open minded and competent. I'm going to like it very much.


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